West Shore Cafe and Conwy Council.

West Shore Cafe wrote the following on their FaceBook page.
Yet again we are all left wondering just what is going on with Conwy County Council
Saying he is misinformed may well be a polite way to say he's telling porkie pies!

1 hour ago
Whilst I don't want to use our Facebook page as a soapbox - I was informed today that at a recent cabinet meeting Cllr Dewi Miles asked the council leaders for an update as to why the cafe had been closed for so long..the Council officer replied that the delays were due to issues with the tenant and the insurance companies.

As this meeting was viewed online I feel the need to reply, and would just like to say that the gentleman is completely misinformed.

The insurance company dealing with the contents have been really helpful, and our Insurance broker, Barry Wynne of Gott & Wynne Insurance has been a real godsend and has supported us throughout.
The buildings insurers whilst they've not always been as quick as I would've liked, have also been very helpful. I shall reply to the cabinet by letter, but as this meeting was aired in public, I wanted to reply in public.
Thanks for Reading.

I promise my next post will be a happier one

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