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An open letter to Guto Bebb.

Beside aggression and denial there appears to have been no response from Guto Bebb MP.
I think it a serious error of judgement on his behalf to respond in such an aggressive manner. 

An Open Letter to Guto Bebb MP

Guto Bebb, 

You are one of Israel’s staunchest supporters in Parliament. As I type this letter, you are in Israel on an official visit to Israeli military installations [1], showing your support for the current attack on Gaza. Your constituents deserve to know the truth.

Israel has killed over 1,200 Palestinians in the past month [2]: the United Nations says 80% of the Palestinian dead are civilians [3]. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon calls Israel's recent killing of 16 sleeping children and women "shameful" [4], “outrageous”, and “unjustifiable” [5]. Israel has violated more United Nations resolutions than any other nation [6]. Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Eli Yishai recently said: "We must blow Gaza back to the Middle Ages, destroying all the infrastructure including roads & water" [7].

You have received thousands of pounds from pro-Israel sponsors, Guto Bebb [8]. In March 2014 alone you received £5,000 from Alexander Temerko, a man noted for generous donations to pro-Israel MPs like yourself [9].  The Jewish Telegraph wrote a flattering story about your commitment to Israel, entitled: "Welsh MP Guto Bebb claimed he is the example of what lobbying politicians on behalf of Israel can achieve" [10].

In the interests of Israel, you have asked Parliamentary Questions [11], cast House of Commons votes [12], and repeated Israeli government messages [13]. You voted to send Britain's young men to war against Syria [14] - a country Israel calls its 'strategic enemy'. In a 2012 letter to the Daily Telegraph, you parroted Israel's official position by urging the British government to reject any peace process involving Gaza's elected government [15]. 

You visited Israel in 2011, 2012, and 2014, as the guest of its government [16], paid for by foreign pro-Israel donors [17]. These trips cost many thousands of pounds. You stayed in luxury hotels, and received secret briefings from Israel's military and intelligence agencies: briefings that you keep secret from your own constituents. 

You were an honoured guest at the 2013 gala conference of AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee [18]: yet your own constituency website never mentioned that you were attending, and listening to speeches from the Israeli Prime Minister and Defence Minister. Why did you hide your all-expenses-paid trip to Washington DC, as the guest of foreign lobbyists? 

Guto Bebb: do you think you know better than the human rights groups 'Jews Against Genocide', 'Jews for Justice for Palestinians', 'B'Tselem', or 'Neturei Karta'? They think a Palestinian's life is every bit as important as an Israeli's. Why don't you?

Guto Bebb, I am ashamed that you seem to spend more time in Israel than your own constituency. I am ashamed that the answer to "Where's Guto" is: "he's gone to receive another top-secret briefing from the Israeli government and its shadowy lobbyists”. A better answer would be: "We have no idea where Bebb is. We kicked him out of office, first chance we got."

C. Thomas


Anonymous said...
Guto Bebb MP Is without doubt an agent for a foreign power and should be arrested as should the rest of the Zionist MPs of all party's.

Old Sailor.
Anonymous said...
It is to be noted that, while Guto Bebb has been conspicuously supporting Israel, his neighbour David Jones MP has repeatedly condemned Israel's actions on Twitter.

Two Tory MPs, two different sets of values.
Anonymous said...
Lobbying is vital

WELSH MP Guto Bebb claimed he is the example of what lobbying politicians on behalf of Israel can achieve.

In a debate on the reasons why pro-Israel groups should lobby – led by former Labour MP Professor Eric Moonman – Mr Bebb said that the work done by Conservative Friends of Israel had meant he became a defender of Israel in Westminster.

Anonymous said...
I intend to share this open letter with as many people as I can. I suggest that everyone does the same.

- -


I am proud that Jones is a Conservative MP, and ashamed that Bebb is MY Conservative MP.
Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
It is to be noted that, while Guto Bebb has been conspicuously supporting Israel, his neighbour David Jones MP has repeatedly condemned Israel's actions on Twitter.

Two Tory MPs, two different sets of values.

31 July 2014 21:04

Both MP's Values could be the other way round next Week

I tend to find in this case What they "Say" and what they "Think" are two totally difference things
Both will struggle to retain they seats next May
Anonymous said...
Would you be that bothered if it was Bodlondeb that was being given a" Makeover"
The last thing Conwy needs is to start debating the "Gaza Strip"
We Know has much about the Middle East as Conwy Council Knows how to run a borough
Anonymous said...
Would you be that bothered if it was Bodlondeb that was being given a" Makeover"
The last thing Conwy needs is to start debating the "Gaza Strip"
We Know has much about the Middle East as Conwy Council Knows how to run a borough....

Thank God Conwy is not being bombed by air,land,and sea.
Anonymous said...
As someone else has said, it seems all Guto's huff and puff about Conwy CBC was to suggest great activity here before leaving for his trip to Israel. It all seems to have rebounded a bit.
Anonymous said...
Well done for publishing the open letter, th clock is now ticking for Bebb.
Anonymous said...
Zionists are incapable of answering criticism, instead they form powerful lobbying groups with agents like Guto Bebb to ensure their critics are silenced.

Anonymous said...
Oscar, you have done a very good thing making this letter known.

I looked at the links given in the open letter, and they are genuine.

I cannot believe that Bebb, my MP, is doing such awful things: but he is. Oh God.

It's all out in the open, but no-one has called him to account but you. At least we have you.

I am going to email this letter to as many of my contacts as possible.

I politely disagree with one of the reponses to this letter: David Jones is showing that he is a decent man. Why attack him? We should celebrate every minute that our rabble in Westminster act like principled people! Attacking Jones for opposing indiscriminate murder doesn't seem sensible.
Anonymous said...
And I quote...

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through...all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

- Marcus Tullius Cicero
Anonymous said...
If I even get a tumour, I am calling it Guto.
Anonymous said...
I have been doing a lot of research this past week via the internet with regards to the dreadful slaughter of Palestinians especially the innocent women and children in Gaza by the Zionist's and Jew's. To condense my finding's they have tremendous power throughout the world, in all forms of the media, banking, big business and they strongly influence government policy's in all political parties here and abroad, so much so I am gobsmacked and would ask people to do their own research, even a family member who is a teacher was as equally shocked about our lack of knowledge of Zionists as I was. Our present MP is Mr Guto Bebb although I never voted for him, I am sure his electorate will be extremely surprised that others have said he is an agent for another country, he should be investigated as soon as possible then quickly removed in all our interests.
Mrs Lloyd Jones
Anonymous said...
The actions of Bebb lend even more weight to the argument for introducing an Act of recall for MP's, so that the mad, bad or dangerous ones can be removed from office by the public.
Anonymous said...
Oscar, has the open letter to Bebb from C Thomas been more widely published? Do you know if it has been sent to any newspapers, for example? Thanks
Anonymous said...
I wonder if they let him have a go on the missiles when he visited Israel.
Anonymous said...
Ieu, Excellent post. I'd found most of the information before I found your letter which lays it out clearly. Most of it is on the Conservative Friends of Israel website. I'm not knocking what you've done just asking why the Welsh media haven't done the same.
Anonymous said...
Well done Oscar I'm tweeting and facebooking links to this letter keep up the good work - @brockers
Anonymous said...
I honestly think we should make this very well known and get the message out. I think Guto Bebb MP is complicit in Israeli war crimes. Even if the law can't touch him, we can at least condemn Bebb in the court of public opinion.

Use the social media button immediately under the letter to email it to your friends!

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Anonymous said...

Expel Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub from the UK.
Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

We call for the Foreign Secretary, or the Home Secretary to expel Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub from the UK after his country have committed war crimes in Gaza, in particular the cold blooded murder of 4 boys innocently playing football on a beach, along with the continued indiscriminate shelling of civilians all over Gaza.

Anonymous said...
The electorate have been badly affected by the lack of information due to political correctness, they subsequently have little or no idea of the dimensions of the alien Israel first Zionist menace in our political parties, who hide themselves behind such titles as lobbyists or Friends of Israel. They will always be embedded in our elected government of the day. This situation will continue until the public are informed how our democracy is being corrupted.
Fly on the wall.
Anonymous said...
Thank you for this article which I found pretty shocking! What is happening in Gaza in my opinion is nothing short of a massacre of innocent and defenceless civilians including children, with nowhere to escape to. How any British politician could support such action is beyond my understanding - is it not time that our government (and others) showed some 'bottle' and makes a stand against what is happening and real efforts to help create a sustainable and peaceful future for the region?

Anonymous said...
Well, the mainstream 'media' (sorry, I mean 'propagandists') at the Daily Post etc. appear to be ignoring this story. What a surprise.

"Guto Bebb MP Visits Primary School" is sure to get a mention.

"Guto Bebb MP Supports Israeli War Crimes and receives thousands of pounds from pro-Israeli lobbyists" is obviously too unimportant a story to cover.

I am going to write to the Daily Post to tell them how disgusted I am with their censorship.
Anonymous said...
Can I say i completely agree that Bebb is dodgy because of this and that Israel's actions in this have been disproportionate to the Hamas rockets and have actually been war crimes. And also that the rockets from Hamas are not unprovoked but are because of the blockade of Gaza. No MP should be getting foreign money either.

However, be careful about people leaving anti-Semitic comments. It is NOT anti-Semitic to criticise the occupation. But when people talk about Jewish influence in media and banking, that is unhelpful. Israel does not represent all jews but wants to. Israel wants to get to the point where any criticism of them is perceived as a criticism of Jews. We must deny them that shield.

Against anti-Semitism. Against the illegal occupation.
The Red Flag said...
Against anti-Semitism

anti-semite does not mean anti jewish. Semites also include Palestinians, Syrians, non-arab Iraqia, Persians and most arabs as well.
Anonymous said...
Jew's are indoctrinated from the age of three in the spirit of
Jewish victimhood and superiority
to other races. The Berlin wall was bad, the Jewish wall now is used to keep the Palestinian's boxed in, it is the worlds biggest prison camp and it is far worse than the Warsaw ghetto, which so many book's and films have been based on. It was nothing like the nightmare that is Gaza! Jewish history is full of celebrating the slaughtering of their enemy's, when one considers most of modern Jew's today are converts to Judaism originate from what was the Khazars http://www.khazaria.com/ who are Asiatic not Semites who make up 94% of Jewry today and have no blood ties to Palestine. It is a very bad choice in anyone's book for them to describe themselves as a light unto other nations.
Anonymous said...
Time for Guto Bebb to go. Children's blood on his hands. Blood money in his hands.
Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
As if on cue, there is an anti-semitic comment above. This comment is designed to undermine the anti-occupation movement and anti-Israeli government opinion, by making us look racist.

It isn't a Jewish problem it is a problem with the Israeli state, its government and its occupation.
Anonymous said...
But no man said anything about him [Jesus] openly for fear of the Jews. (John 7:13)
Anonymous said...
In Britain The Board of Deputies of British Jews has also made its support for Israel clear: It states that support of Israel is “central” to its work, “which is why the Board remains unwavering in its approach, as stated in our Constitution, to take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’ security, welfare and standing.”

Some uniformed people try to suggest that religious Jews, or “true Jews” don’t support the Zionist Criminal State. In fact, every major synagogue on earth supports Israel and they all voice solidarity with Israel in its latest mass murder!

There are a tiny few orthodox Jews who have doctrinal disagreements with the setup of the Jewish Zionist state. But, they are minute in a tiny in number and are virulently hated by all the main Jewish religious and secular groups. The problem is that these tiny splinter groups are used by uninformed Gentiles to create the impression that “true religious Jews” oppose Israel — when the the exact opposite is true.

You cannot fight the evils of Zionism unless you oppose the organizations, both religious and secular, that support it. Organized Judaism as well as secular Jewish community organizations all over the world are practically unanimous in supporting the horrific crimes of Israel.

The evidence is therefore clear: while there are a small number of Jews who oppose Zionism, the overwhelming majority of organized Jewry all over the globe speak with one voice: they support Israel, and they support the massacre of the innocents in Palestine.

So next time you hear about the “good Jews” who oppose the Zio-Murder machine, acknowledge those tiny few individuals are righteous, honest people, and Jews who we respect—but bear in mind that they are a microscopic part of a much larger and well-organized Jewish establishment which always puts Israel first.

The fact is that you cannot oppose Zionism unless you oppose the Jewish tribalist organization and influence all over the world that supports Zionism and corrupts and bends nations to the Zionist Agenda!

Anonymous said...
Israeli official calls for concentration camps in Gaza and 'the conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters'
Moshe Feiglin is Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset
He posted the message on his Facebook page at the weekend
Plan includes shipping the people living in Gaza across the world
IDF would 'exterminate nests of resistance' as part of his plan
The Gaza war has left more than 1,800 Palestinians dead

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2715466/Israeli-official-calls-concentration-camps-Gaza-conquest-entire-Gaza-Strip-annihilation-fighting-forces-supporters.html#ixzz39RWGfiEc
Anonymous said...
Bebb will no doubt try to spin his latest visit to Israel in a different light,but to be honest he is and has always been a staunch supporter of the State of Israel,so go he must so at the next election lets get rid
Anonymous said...
I think Guto Bebb should respond to this. He seems a good man, so there must be a good reason for him going to Israel now. Let him tell his side of the story.
Anonymous said...
9/11 probe closing in on Israel.

Anonymous said...
Israeli High Court: Israeli Soldiers Used Palestinians as Human Shields 1,200 Times

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/israeli-high-court-israeli-soldiers-used-palestinians-as-human-shields-1200-times/#CCi7gDQS0k7lek6X.99
Anonymous said...
Hi Oscar, where did Bebb respond?
Oscar said...
Anonymous said...
Well done Oscar you have opened my eyes to something that's been under my nose for some time but I never smelt it.
Anonymous said...
How disgusting to see the usual Israel apologists crawl out of the woodwork, bleating that our disgust for murder makes *us* bad people. Pathetic beyond words.

How weak and dishonest their 'arguments' are, in defence of Bebb. They're not arguments: they're fantasy and rhetoric. They're cheap tricks from desperate apologists for murder. Little people, earning a little paycheck for defending Bebb.

The real meaning of the pro-Israel and pro-Bebb comments are:

"I'm a Bebb constituency volunteer. I'm posting the pro-Israel and pro-Bebb waffle on this comments section. It's my job to make you shut up and stop criticising Bebb. To make you do that, I'll do two things. First, I'll hint that you're 'anti-semitic'. Notice that I never talk about the real topic: Israel's war crimes. Not once. After all, I'm not using logic. I'm just spouting slimey insults, because I'm a slimey liar. I was told the 'anti-semitic' insult works really well!"

"Next, I'll pretend the poor flower Guto is ignored by the media, even though that's a complete fantasy. As his constituency worker, I know that the minute Bebb put out a press release or scheduled a news conference to defend his Gaza actions, a score of journalists, TV cameras and photographers would be there. Bebb has thousands of pounds a year taxpayer funding to run his own website and twitter page, and he has access to the Conservative party's best PR people and spin machine. He's also a PR expert in his own right."

These people defending Israel... these people use the old trick of pretending that - even now - Jews are the victims! They lie, to change the message! They lie that this is about anti-semitism! They lie that we must remain silent, or we are wicked racists! They slip and squirm, trying to change the subject from Israel's murderous violence, to *us* being 'evil racists'! They are instucted to: Google 'Global Language Dictionary', Israel's guide to the best lies to use defending its war crimes! This is a document issued to pro-Israel lobbyists, so they can more effectively spam internet boards: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Hasbara_%282009_manual%29

These disgusting defenders of murder... they are utterly evil, and without the slightest scrap of humanity. Such apologists for genocide: they are the worst people in the world. They have the blood of children on their hands.
Huw said...
Anonymous said...
"As if on cue, there is an anti-semitic comment above."

As if on cue, an Israeli apologist tries to change the topic from the IDF's inexcusable war crimes, to Israel somehow being the victim. I would not be at all surprised if Anonymous posted the comment he calls anti-semitic (I have not read it, not visible) in order to change the discussion from IDF war crimes to something else.

By the way: that's an old PR and political 'spin' tactic to gain sympathy and change the narrative - old as the hills.

You will have seen it used yourself whenever an MP was caught cheating on his wife, then made a statement in his front garden with his wife and children standing besides him. You'll have heard him explaining how his heart breaks - just breaks! - that his innocent family has been dragged into this, and their names besmirched! It hurts him so, because they are innocent victims! The evil people pointing out that he slept with twenty prostitutes and a midget: how could they hurt his family so! In fact, he's the real victim here! Him!"

Spin-doctors use this as tactic number 1 because it works. (So long as you don't know about it.)

Isn't it funny that Anonymous doesn't say: "I oppose these awful IDF actions"? Not once does he say that. Not once does he express dislike of Bebb's behaviour, either. Not once does he say he's a local†. Anonymous just sweeps in to say "Oh! Anti-semitism!" and then runs out the door.

I wonder why?

Maybe he can explain.

We're waiting.

† don't take this to indicate that he's a PR officer sitting in Conservative Central Office, and he can't actually find Conwy on a map. For shame on you for thinking that.
The Red Flag said...
"As if on cue, there is an anti-semitic comment above."

Not only that Huw but it's how Israeli apologists try to make out that anti-semitic also means anti-jew and/or anti-Israeli.

It doesn't.

Semites are an ethnic grouping that includes arabs and other middle eastern groups. Most Jews are not semites. If you are anti-semitic you do not like arabs and middle eastern peoples.

It's incorrect use is designed to trigger a sub-conscious connection in the listeners brain with the horrors of the nazi holocaust in order to elicit sympathy with modern-day Israel and either garner support for what they are doing or at the very least make likely opposition indifferent.

I have even seen on Sky News high-ranking Isreaeli officials brand jewish commentators as anti-semitic for criticising Israel and even Alexei Sayle (jewish) has been branded as such by a ridiculous hysterical female journalist from either the Telegraph or Mail for criticising her pro-Israeli position.

Opposition to what they Israelis are doing is more correctly labelled anti-zionist - which is a totally different concept to anti-semitic, anti-Israeli or anti-jewish.

I know a lot of jews in Manchester and the concept of 'Israel' barely exists in the younger ones who regard themselves as British and being a jew as merely a religious belief and look on Israel as just another foreign country and not part of their culture/religion - in short they have secularised far more than their elders who still have direct links into what happened in Germany.

Personally, I think as survivors of the holocaust die along with direct links to them through family and friends, then international jewish sympathy or support for Israel will wither and die alongside them.

And then Israel is going to have major major problems.
Anonymous said...
Well said Red Flag.

Old Sailor.
Anonymous said...
Well done Oscar for publishing this letter and for not caving in to the hyserical demands of Guto Bebb - our local MP, for goodness sake, who seems to have decided that he no longer wishes to represent his constituents. May can't come quick enough.
Anonymous said...
Problem is, I want a Conservative to represent me, and the only alternative to Bebb is the dire Wimbury supported by her awful husband Michael.

Between a rock and a hard place!
The Red Flag said...
Wimbury's father in law (Michael's father) is I believe a Labour Friend of Israel or something similar.
Anonymous said...
You're absolutely right. Alun Michael is a member of Labour Friends of Israel: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labour_Friends_of_Israel

Wimbury should have a go at her father in law before slagging off Bebb in her sanctimonious manner.
Anonymous said...
Anon 19:49 - if you really want a Conservative representative, then I suggest that you do as I have done and write to Aberconwy Conservative Association asking them to adopt a different candidate due to the unacceptable behaviour of Bebb.

If enough of us speak out they will have to act. A fresh Conservative candidate can win the seat, but the chances of Bebb retaining it diminish daily.